Open Floor Movement Practice is a modern blend of conscious movement, mindfulness and artistry sprouting up all over Europe, USA and now Australia.

 The emphasis on mindfulness within the movement is truly medicine for our times.

MT Edited
We’re not learning to dance, we’re dancing to learn.”
                                                                                    Sue Rickards 


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The moment we step into the dance of life we bring our passions, tensions, joys and aspirations – the full basket of our humanity.
How can we move and include all of this?
On an Open Floor we recognize that we are multidimensional beings, with hard-wired and differing needs: to dance alone, to join together, to reach higher, and  to commune in the vast, and sacred space that holds all things.
Open Floor is a practice where we mindfully move all of who we are. Supported by layers of music and a fresh, frank sense of enquiry. Asking, how am I now? What’s here? Anchor our selves. Find direction. Add heat, kindness and curiosity. Can I turn my same old feelings and thought patterns inside-out to reveal a new dance?
Can I use movement to bring more space into those fixed joints, fixed ways of being? Stretch my chest, stretch my heart to widen my capacity to receive love?

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